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Oscar Valencia founder of breaking down your walls comes from a baseball and coaching background.  He was drafted to the Pittsburg Pirates in 1984. He knows what it takes to perform at the highest level and the commitment it takes to be at the top of to achieve your goals. 

in 2009 Oscar had a dream about what stops us in life.  IN this dream there was a large object in the distance that was blurry.  As it became clearer I could see that it was a brick wall.  Yes our walls stop us.

What was interesting about the bricks on this wall there were words on each brick.  Such as COMMITMENT, CONSISTENCY, FOLLOW THROUGH and many more. I popped out of bed at it was 3:18 on a Tuesday morning I ran upstairs to my office where I recreated what was in my mind and applied to paper.

Oscar's been a professional hair dresser since 1986. He's been a platform artist, master colorist and Educator.  For the last 18 year Oscar has been a certified business coach for the salon and spa industry.  He has worked with thousands of professionals to support them in the growth of their business while eliminating those things that may be stopping or holding them back.

Breaking down your walls was founded in 2011.