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 Just had my First coaching session with Oscar Valencia today and whoah was it amazing!! So happy I decided to do this for myself and my salon business! So! To start off, with the help of his breaking down the walls method I used the empowering words from the bricks to write a contract with myself! With that said.....

I, Lindsey, hereby declare that am UNSTOPPABLE to complete all of my goals! I commit to PLANNING my day the night before. I'm INTENTIONAL with each task and start out each morning being THANKFUL, focusing on my FAITH and I'm DISCIPLINED in the gym! I VISUALIZE my perfect day in the salon and I'm PREPARED for whatever the day brings my way! I'm POSITIVE, FRIENDLY, FUN, SUCCESSFUL, HEALTHY, ENCOURAGING and STRATEGIC! I FOLLOW THROUGH every day! I'm great at NETWORKING, I'm a LEADER in my community and my industry and I am CONFIDENT!

This one of the tools we do in our coaching.  YOU create what we call

"A CONTRACT WITH MYSELF."  Awesome tool to add even more power to our commitments and accountability.


WOW, I just got TWO text from some old clients that made my heart smile.


"Hey O I just had my highest week in over all sales ever $1894.50 service and $622 in retail.  Thanks for all your guidance and motivation over the last year.  My average service ticket was $82.00 and my average retail ticket was at $27.00.  I'm so excited I'm less than 5K from hitting my year goal, I'm so close."



"Thinking of you!  I just wrote a ticket for $275.00!  Color, Cut, Olaplex, deep conditioner, vital shot, brow color, and brow wax.  Thank you for teaching me to serve my guest better than I ever have and for providing for my family all at the same time."



"I recently completed 6 months of one to one coaching with Oscar. All I can say is he is AMAZING! He helps you set goals professionally and personally. Then he diligently works along side of you to create strategies to make those goals a reality. Oscar has a wealth of knowledge about the salon industry and much more! If I ever felt “stuck", like the dream wasn't moving forward, he was there to encourage, challenge, and motivate me to strive for more!
Using the BRICKS from Oscar's Breaking Down Your Walls, is a great tool to change perspectives. Sometimes our clarity gets clouded from the daily grind. By simply flipping three bricks of inspiration and direction you can completely change your mindset and the results of your day! Having motivation and clarity each day is like a snowball effect on your goals. Next thing you know… its time to set new ones!
Thank you Oscar for sharing the gifts that you have! I look forward to working with you in the future! Your coaching has allowed me to serve my guests better, I also have more time with my family and more balance in my life and business, and that's what means the most"!
Have a Beautiful Day,

Mandy Zehnder
American Board Certified Haircolorist
Citrus Salon


 Coaching is the perfect tool for those who want and need to be held accountable. If you don't know where to start and need Guidance and more Clarity, Coaching is your solution.

One on one coaching is between you and your Coach.  It's all about your life and your agenda.  It's about your personal and professional goals.  We use "THE BRICKS" as a tool to set your goals,  create your "contract with myself" as well as identify what is stopping you?  We will BREAK DOWN YOUR WALLS and achieve results.  1-1 Coaching programs are a minimum of 6 month contracts with the recommendation being a 10 month program.

Are you stopped by your "WALLS"?  Are you ready to make changes in your life to produce new results?

Do you know what WALLS are in your way?  Do you need to change your thoughts and your beliefs?

This program is for you..

1-1 coaching starts at $400.00 per month and up.  

 6 - 10 months contracts.

The coaching program consist of 2 X 60 minute calls per month for 6 months, (12) Total.

Or 2 X 60 minute calls per month for 10 months (20) Total.