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3.0 Creating S.M.A.R.T. salons and stylist 3.0 series

Could you imagine being on 12 LIVE video webinars with the likes of these type of hero's, legends and salon Professionals in the salon industry, Derek Anthony, Doug Cox, Samantha Daly, Wallace Lee Barlow, Coral Pleas, Luis Alvarez, Steve Reiss, Oliver Steinnagel, Rowena Yeager, and myself Oscar Valencia? Could you imagine 75 - 90 minute access twice a month for six months to be able to ask live questions in an intimate setting from the comfort of your own home. NO travel or related expenses. NO time away from work. You Don't even have to brush your teeth, but you might want to brush your hair, we can all see each other.

These are some of my confirmed speakers and some I'm still waiting confirmation from. This is my LIVE video webinar series called "Creating S.M.A.R.T. salons and stylist". This will be our 3.0 series starting January through June. This is for anyone looking to be INSPIRED, with real life information from the ones whom are doing bigger and better than most. This is for anyone who loves business knowledge with Q&A and proven facts. This is for anyone that has ever wanted to be a part of an amazing community of like minded salon professionals and in a private FACE BOOK group to share other ideas and systems you may have had success with.

IN my option this is the new way for receiving business education for a beyond reasonable price with the caliber of these speakers. I will be opening registrations very soon. It will be first come first serve with a set amount of spots available. If you would like more information please message me.

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