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Could your team use more trust? 

Does your team have clear detailed communication with their teammates, magement and customers? 

Would your team like to have more fun at work? 

Are there "Shared Mental Models" of expectations of your whole team?

Does your team have tools for conflict resolution?

What type of results do you think your team could produce if you could answer YES to all of these? 

What would it be like to have 2 days to come together outside of any number crunching, goal setting, or salon systems to just work/play on becoming YOUR BEST TEAM AND SELF?

Oscar has worked with and coached many teams.  He has a proven track record of bringing together individuals and transforming them into a solid high performing team.

In the 2 day intensive Team Building work shops your team will experience many F.U.N. moments,(FEARLESS, UNSTOPPABLE, NOW). 


Scalped salon conquering "TOXIC WASTE"

Scalped Salon and Spa working on "TARP FLIP".  They used the 7 step problem solving system, and shared mental models to solve the challenge.  Job well done!

They will come together using the 7 step problem solving system.  Your team will learn what is a true "SHARED MENTAL MODEL" and how to use that in their daily effective communications. Your team will have a new way of looking at themselves and how they see others.  They will have a better understanding of each team member and see the unique things that everyone brings to the table, and much, much more.

After an assessment with the lead contact, we will customize your 2 day full program or design a one day to serve you and the needs of your company.


"As a salon owner/stylist I loved the team building exercises presented by Oscar in Breaking Down Your Walls! We explored the use of different, fun activities and tasks that helped team members listen, communicate, delegate and take on responsibility.  It helped us as a team to see visually and be able to address interpersonal problems that affect a teams success & functionality.  What showed up for me was that some employees who were used to sitting in the background, stepped up to take on responsibilities and share ideas!  Now everyone is on the playing field!"

We use the "Turning of the Bricks" daily to create excitement and focus! YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL ON YOUR WALL!!

Susan McClure
Cenergi "the Colour salon"



 "As a salon owner, I can reflect on having really easy teams to manage and some teams that were much harder to manage.  In almost every situation, it's not necessarily the individuals who make up a team that dictates whether or not a team is working.  It all comes down to communication or lack there of.  Oscar's entire program is made up of fun activities, reflection, and teaching that all help to create strong TEAM communication.  After the two days, we have a structure to give everyone their voice and come up with the best solution to our challenges as a team.  We also understand how we all communicate differently, and the good and bad that can come along with that.  I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to make their already great team better, or anyone who can see their team crumbling and doesn't know how to fix it."

Julie Petersen
Prestige Salon Watertown SD.
This life changing work shop is a game changer.  You will get 2 full days of new thinking, new communication tools, more trust and better listening skills.  New ways to connect with co-workers and have a lot more fun and so much more.  For salons/companies of 35 people or less the two day investment is $3600 plus travel, food, and expenses.  A business of 36 to 45 the investment is $4500 for the two days plus expenses.  Bonus discount for paid in full is $500 off of either program.

 Do not waste any more time wishing your team could be better.  You time is now.  Do put off greatness.

 Oscar Valencia