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DO you ever have negative thoughts and beliefs?

What is holding you back?  would you call these things holding you back your WALLS?  Are you ready to start, BREAKING DOWN YOUR WALLS? 

The bricks are what evolved from a dream about what stops us in life.  In my dream, it was a wall.  "Yes, our walls stops us".  I popped out of bed and ran up to my office and started writing these words that now make up THE BRICKS.  

90 words, definitions, and an inspirational quote on all 90 bricks.  Flip one, two, or three bricks a day.  and create your #POWERSENTENCE and set your intentions daily for positive outcomes.

You also have the DO-IT-YOURSELF coaching workbook.   Here you will set your top 10 goals, identify your WALLS, and creatie a "CONTRACT WITH YOURSELF" along with your daily AM and PM activities.

This workbook makes the BRICKS a life changing experience.

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"I was working in a very hostile environment at the time that I purchased a set of bricks from Breaking Down Your Walls. Oscar explained to me the process of “applying the bricks” vs just using the Bricks. I applied the bricks at work every day. I utilized them in every scenario throughout my day. Can you say attitude change? With these Bricks, I as well as others have seen a transformation. The bricks have supported me to be a better leader to my team which has increased productivity and better customer service."

Teri Shields


"BREAKING DOWN YOUR WALLS has helped me tap into the hearts and minds of my clients and others through the BRICKS and WORDS. Not only is it a tool to implement into your business, it is a life tool to use everyday to keep you moving forward  and keep you from being stuck.  This tool has keep me focused on what is most important to me, my family, my health and my business."

Karen Covington Lava Hair studio


"Breaking down your walls has become a daily ritual. I use them personally, with my team and in individual coaching. There is endless ways to incorporate them into your life and others. I start each day off with picking 3 bricks from the 90 bricks that hang on my office wall. Its truly amazing how the perfect bricks align with where you are and what you need that day.  I create an affirmation sentence for the day with the three words that I flipped over on the wall. 

It been inspiring, humbling and empowering seeing how the bricks help expand ones mind-set and growth. Sometimes just picking three little bricks and creating one sentence can change your mind, break open your heart and break down your walls."
Brenda Spranger


 "THE BRICKS" are a set 90 cards with a Word, definition and an inspirational message on each BRICK.  Use this tool and flip 1, 2 or 3 BRICKS each morning to set your intentions and positive outcomes for your day.  Create a power sentence using all your words today.  These BRICKS are a great way to change your state of being through out your day or just need to shake it up.

This is how I start my first 30 minutes of my day.  My me time, where I plan my day and set my intentions and goals as I use my BRICKS to create my #POWERSENTENCE and intentions.