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Combo pack - Do It Yourself Coaching Workbook and BRICKS

Some people are pretty good self starters.  Some people are pretty good at working their way through challenges.  For those personality types I created the DO IT YOURSELF Coaching Workbook. 

In this book at your own pace, you will set and create your top 10 goals.  Identify what is stopping you.  Create "A Contract with Myself," while using the daily workbook for all 90 BRICKS.

In this work book you will also have PM activities.  You will grade yourself, and do some daily journaling so you can connect your experiences to your life.

"THE BRICKS" are a set 90 words, definitions and inspirational messages on each BRICK.  Use this tool and flip 1, 2 or 3 BRICKS each morning to set your intentions and positive outcomes throughout the day.

The BRICKS are included with the WORK BOOK.