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Breaking Down Your Walls

8.0 Creating S.M.A.R.T. salons, spa's, and stylist 8.0

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As we come out of this lock down and start to return to our lives and businesses, we are entering into a new way of doing things with new protocols, systems, and stress.  Many have lost a lot and now putting the pieces back together.  Some were not affected as much as some others.  Some are not able or willing to come back.  We are all living our story and our own personal reality.

During the lock down I and many other coaches, trainers, and leaders have willingly and passionately given our time, experience, and knowledge free to thousands in many groups and one on one.  We are all also business owners who have suffered loss during these trying times.  I personally have probably helped around 100 salons and or people during the last three months.  It filled my spirit to be able to help so many with words of encouragement, given many free systems so they could work their way back to being a profitable business and just listening to them with a great ear and strong shoulders.

 I have been leading an AMAZING live video webinar series for almost 5 years now.  It is called, “Creating S.M.A.R.T. salons, spa’s, and stylist” which stand for SERVICE, MARKETING, ATTITUDE, RETAIL and TEAM.

 We have been blessed with all my heroes, legends, and world class coaches, trainers, and speakers to bring their absolute best to this membership group.  This program is a six-month program with two 90-minute LIVE VIDEO WEBINARS per month, for a total of 12 calls.  We have created a wonderful community with like minded professionals that have become great friends and support to each other even after the calls.  This happens in our private closed membership face book group. 

 I have another amazing line up of speakers for my next series 8.0 starting in July through December. 6 MONTHS THAT IS LIFE CHANGING for only $129 per month for six months.

 After doing seven series of this six-month long programs, the over whelming consensus from current and past members are that "this is the best bang for your buck in the industry”, and “they love that they are not alone”.  That last comment means different things to different people, however I am sure we all can relate.

So now for the good stuff, here is my line up for the next 8.0 series of “Creating S.M.A.R.T. salons, spa’s and stylist”.

Stephen Gomez, Nikki Le, Chris Sulimay, Iva Sampiller, Beth Minardi, James Alba, Bonnie Bonadeo, Jay Williams, and myself Oscar Valencia, along with Dr. Jim Cain, Jackie Young, and Michelle Cummings.

 If you are tired of feeling alone.  If you love or need more Inspiration, if you want to become part of a group/community of highly motivated professionals and if you want your business to thrive not just survive then this group is for you.


This 6 month program of 12 webinars is not only INSPIRATIONAL, EDUCATIONAL and INFORMATIONAL,  it is a community of like minded professionals whom are constantly wanting to improve themselves and their business.  If this sounds like you, then hurry and invest in your mind so you can fill your purse or wallet.

This is a commitment and we only want those ready to commit and be on all or as many of the calls as you can.  We are a team and we need each other

After you join, you will be added to the PRIVATE CLOSED membership group on face book where we do our thing. 

You don't have to be alone any more unless you want to??


Oscar Valencia



 I thank you in advance and cannot wait to see you in our group.

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