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Breaking Down Your Walls


$ 250.00 $ 750.00

:"First coaching session with Oscar Valencia today and whoah was it amazing!! So happy I decided to do this for myself and my salon business! So! To start off, with the help of his breaking down the walls method I used the empowering words from the bricks to write a contract with myself! With that said.....

I, Lindsey, hereby declare that am UNSTOPPABLE to complete all of my goals! I commit to PLANNING my day the night before. I'm INTENTIONAL with each task and start out each morning being THANKFUL, focusing on my FAITH and I'm DISCIPLINED in the gym! I VISUALIZE my perfect day in the salon and I'm PREPARED for whatever the day brings my way! I'm POSITIVE, FRIENDLY, FUN, SUCCESSFUL, HEALTHY, ENCOURAGING and STRATEGIC! I FOLLOW THROUGH every day! I'm great at NETWORKING, I'm a LEADER in my community and my industry and I am CONFIDENT!"

This is one of the tools you get in your coaching.  YOU create what is called,


One on one coaching is between you and your coach.  It's all about your life and your agenda.  It's about your personal and professional goals.  We use "THE BRICKS" as your tool to set your goals, your "contract with yourself" as well as identify what is stopping you?  We will BREAK DOWN YOUR WALLS and achieve results.  1-1 Coaching programs are a minimum of 8 month contracts with the recommendation being a 10 month program.

1-1 coaching starts at $400.00 per month and up.  

 8 - 10 months contracts.

The coaching consist of 2 X 60 minute calls per month.

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