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Breaking Down Your Walls


$ 3,100.00 $ 3,600.00

Could your team use more trust in themselves, their teammates, and of management?   

Does your team have clear detailed communication with their teammates, management and customers? 

Would your team like to have more fun at work? 

Does your team have "Shared Mental Models" of expectations and procedures?

Does your team have tools for conflict resolution?

What type of results do you think your team could produce if you could answer YES to all of these? 

What would it be like to have 2 days to come together outside of any number crunching, goal setting, or salon systems to just work/play on becoming YOUR BEST TEAM AND SELF?

Oscar has worked with and coached many teams.  He has a proven track record of bringing together individuals and transforming them into a solid high performing team.

In the 2 day intensive Team Building work shops your team will experience many F.U.N. moments,(FEARLESS, UNSTOPPABLE, NOW).



Through out the 2 day work shop you will change the way you see yourself, how your see others and how you look at the realm of possibility.


This life changing work shop is a game changer.  You will get 2 full days of new thinking, new communication tools, more trust and better listening skills.  New ways to connect with co-workers and have a lot more fun and so much more.  For salons/companies of 35 people or less the two day investment is $3600 plus travel, food, and expenses.  A business of 36 to 45 the investment is $4500 for the two days plus expenses.  Bonus discount for paid in full is $500 off of either program

Don't keep wishing your team could be better, take action to make that happen.


 Oscar Valencia

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