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Breaking Down Your Walls

Creating S.M.A.R.T. SALON/STYLIST 2day workshop

$ 3,600.00 $ 5,500.00



Are you a S.M.A.R.T. salon and or stylist?  Do you wish you were?  Do know what one is?

Well, the wait is over.  What you have wanted and needed is here.  Get ready.

In this 2day workshop, we will discover and uncover what it takes to be a SMART salon and SMART stylist.  We will break down each letter of S.M.A.R.T. and dive deep into each area necessary to create your S.M.A.R.T. salon and stylist.


We will explore all aspects of the services we provide and which make us the most money.  You will give yourself a big raise with this information.  We will explore how to create a better service experience for our guest and what they really want and need.  We will dive into what SERVICE really is and how we as an industry have gotten so far away from it.  We will re-presence what a true SERVANT is and how we can get back to this, (not a slave) but a true servant's heart.


We will re-discover how to use word of mouth marketing in a digital world.  We will uncover the scary mystery of internet marketing, paid ads, and how this may or may not support you. 

You will feel empowered with new and classic tools to get yourself and your name out there and how to maximize your current “A” and “B” clients to help build your brand and your client base.

What is your “VALUE” statement?  We will show you how to create yours and how to let the “TALKERS” spread the word for you.  You will learn what the 5 “T’s” of word of mouth marketing are and how to use them for your advantage, plus much more.


What the heck happened to people's ATTITUDE?  We will work on what is an attitude of a world champion athlete and world-class service providers.  We will discover why attitudes have changed so much over the years and how to move forward to what is acceptable and appropriate.  How do we nurture a positive attitude and make it grow and sustain itself?

What ATTITUDE do you choose and why?  BTW, FYI, your ATTITUDE is a choice.  Choose wisely EVERYONE is watching.

What do others say about your attitude?  What would you say about your own attitude?


You will learn the P's and Q’s of retail.

What are the right Q’s (Questions) to find out about your guest current retail home maintenance?

You will learn the 4 P’s of retail education that moves high-performance products into your guest homes where they can duplicate their looks like you do in the salon.

What are your guest really buying?  Why should they buy from you?  How to ask them to be loyal to you?



Do you even have a team or a bunch of individuals?  Do you wish your team had better communication skills, trust, and cooperation?  We will take your team through some challenges and work with them to create what we call “SHARED MENTAL MODELS.  We will increase their PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS.  We will teach how to create CONSENSUS and agreements that last.

You will learn how to have FUN again at work.  When we have FUN we make more money and create a better experience for our guest.

We will identify what makes up world champion teams and Olympic gold medalist and compare where your team falls against those at the top.  You will gain a true TEAM spirit that can last if you feed it well, and so much more.


Oscar Valencia brings his 20 plus years of teams and baseball experience (was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates) and combines them with his 30 years of the hair industry where he has been a competition champion, a color educator, platform artist and stylist for 30 years.  When you see what these two forces combined can do for your team and their business it’s what we call a “GAME CHANGER”. 


Do you need a “GAME CHANGER” then this workshop is for you!!!


Invest in your team and yourself to create your S.M.A.R.T. Salon and S.M.A.R.T. Stylist.


Contact us for pricing and to set up your dates for your private 2day workshop.


We thank you in advance,



Oscar Valencia


“changing lives one brick at a time”



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